Axxon Bulgaria's Logistics ensures reliability of all operations along the logistics process - from entry and processing of the goods through their warehousing to their delivery to the end points of sale. To meet all high quality demands, the company has been certified under the ISO9000 and ISO22000 quality standards. AXXON's extensive experience in the logistics of FMCG makes it possible to offer the right logistics service needed by its partners and customers, taking into consideration the individual characteristics of the respective distribution channels and the way the deliveries are being carried out.

Infrastructure and warehouse areas

The logistics structure of the company has more than 17 000 sq. m. warehousing area. The Central Logistrics Center is located in Sofia. It has over 10 000 sq. m. area and цапацитъ оф 12 000 pallet places. It contains a customs control area from where Axxon exports to its numerous partners around the world.


To ensure effective and timely delivery of the goods to its customers, the company invests in more than 50 vehicles - vans and minivans. They are used to make deliveries to more than 2 000 points of sale in the entire country on a daily basis. Deliveries are being carried out within 24 hours of placing the order, taking into consideration customers' preferences about the timing of delivery and the prepackaging of goods.

ERP System

The company has successfully integrated an up-to-date, custom-made ERP system, licensed by MFG Systems (USA). It allows all company's departments in Sofia and around the country to work in a common information system real-time. The ERP systems additionally provides for the effective implementation of process management practices directly related to the operations of the company.

Territorial policy

Each regional office possesses a warehouse of approximately 1 000 sq. m. area. All warehouses operate according to the most up-to-date practices of storing and controlling of goods, and of the thermal requirements of storing, humidity, heating, fire safety, and restricted area control.