XL is a brand created with the idea of designing something unique in shape and color. Now we are happy to present a unique portfolio full of style. XL is trying to provide something special and individual for everyone. Be you, be special.

  • Big Mechanic Flint Lighter
    Mechanic flint lighter. CR mechanism, five different...
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  • Big Electronic Lighter
    Electronic Lighter, Rechargable, 5 colours;
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  • Big Electronic Lighters with Picture
    Electronic Lighter Rechargable.5 different unique designs.
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  • Big Electronic Lighter - WINDPROOF
    Electronic lighter, rechargable, wind proof. Five...
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  • Big Electronic Lighter Penguin
    Electronic lighter "Penguin" with unique design.
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  • Mini Electronic Lighter
    Small Electronic Lighter, Rechargeable, 5 colors;
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  • Small Electronic Lighter with picture
    Small Electronic Lighter, Rechargable, 5 different unique...
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  • Metal Lux Lighters