150 years history - Produced in the oldest ouzo distiller in the world!

The products combine the experience of four generations behind them and the secrets of the traditions well kept and passed on for all the years. In efforts of producing better quality and taste of the particular drink called "Raki" in the late 1856 Nikolaos Katsaros from Tirnavos of Thessaly added various aromatic plants and herbs. And as a result of this he managed to produce a new high quality distillation. This new product was named "Ouzo". The person who worked hard and first produced the drink that brings together all the characteristic elements of the Greek temperament, the simplicity and the spontaneity of the Greek people, the "natural drink" of Greece was the founder of the first distiller of ouzo in the world.

Product Characteristics:

Alcohol - produced from grape alcohol of superb quality;

Water - crystal clear, rich in minerals from the heart of the plains of Thessaly;

Aromatic seeds and herbs - the secret mixture of seeds and herbs, gives to every ouzo its individual taste and its characteristic aroma. Its unique fine aroma and its rich natural taste flows from the "marriage" during the distillation of the 14 aromatic seeds and herbs such as fennel, aniseed, asteroidal, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc which are chosen with great care in particular at the time of harvest.

"Pure" double distillation - During the first distillation we remove the "head" (which consists of a high alcoholic grade and aldehyde which gives a "rusty" taste) and the "tail" (which consists of many higher graded levels of alcohol which weighs down the taste and the aroma and are responsible for headaches). Keeping the "heart" of the distillation we carefully move on to the second distillation process, using the exact same procedures so that the concluding distillation has a cleaner and finer aroma as well as a more mature taste.

Storage - The end product is then filtered and stored in the stainless steel tanks so that it can settle and for it to become a more homogeneous product before it is bottled.

Ouzo straight or with ice accompanies mainly traditional cuisine, as an appetizer. The aroma of the seeds and herbs are released, the synthesis of the drink intensifies, the taste softens and the senses are delighted.

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