TOSHIBA BATTERY CO., LTD. is leading worldwide manufacturer of batteries, one of the world's leading companies in the field of electronics and electrical products. This company develops and produces high-technology household appliances, audio-visual appliances and network components for consumers and industrial companies. The company is producing manganese dry, alkaline dry batteries, Nickel dry batteries, alkaline button batteries, silver oxide batteries, zinc air batteries, lithium batteries and others.

  • HEAVU DUTY Batteries
    • Toshiba Heavy Duty batteries use manganese dioxide...
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  • SUPER HEAVY DUTY Batteries
    • Toshiba Super Heavy Duty batteries use manganese...
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  • BLUE ALKALINE Batteries
    Powerful highly reliable batteries which use manganese...
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    The new TOSHIBA Alpha Power battery is the latest...
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  • TOSHIBA chargers
  • TOSHIBA rechargable batteries
  • TOSHIBA LED torches