OSHEE is a Polish market leader in the isotonic and functional drinks category whose mission is to promote the healthy lifestyle and physical activity. The OSHEE products offer innovative solutions for functional nutrition.
The wide portfolio of the producer includes the followig categories:
• Isotonic sport drinks
• Vitamin water
• Vitamin formulas
• Vitamin shots
• Vitamin tea


  • Isotonic drinks
    During intense physical exercise your body loses water as...
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  • Vitamin waters
    H20 Vitamin Water is a unique combination of flavors,...
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  • Vitamin Energy Formula
    Experience a New level of vitamin energy thanks to...
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  • Vitamin shots
    Vitamin shot is a combination of vitamins and micro-and...
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  • Студен чай с витамини
  • Мюсли барове с витамини
  • Протеинови барове