Power of Nature

Power of Nature is a pioneer brand of Power Health Hellas S.A. Greece, that carries 30 years of expirience in the Health Food Supplements and Dietary Industry, offering premium QUALITY innovative products!


Loyal to the its belief and origin, Power of Nature uncover every day the value of Greek`s nature`s hidden treasures, following a production procedure in UK, Germany and Belgium, thus complying with the strictest regulation and offering to the products a worldwide unique character:


Greek nature united with Western European Standards!


The company has never compromised on the safety of consumers. Respect for nature, people and products, has always been its philosophy!

Power Health`s mission is focused on an undisputed corporate trinity of:


Quality - Safety - Efficacy


The company`s vision is to raise the level of food supplements ahead of consumers trends and benefit mankind!


The Bilgarian`s launch portfolio includes a combination of some of the bestsellers of the Power of Nature`s range!

The unique Mastic from Chios island, the powerful immune system - enhancing herb Echinacea, Hydrolytes - support electrolyte balance in the body. Also essentisl vitamins and minerals, healing herbs, probiotics and prebiotics and many many other products to be healthy and protected at any time of year and in every period of change in the human body!

We offer you food supplements in the following categories:


- Digestive system

- Immune system

- For the urinary tract

- Energy and tonus

- Vitamins and Minerals

- Men's Health

  • Echinacea Extra (Immune System)
    Еchinacea ExtraAn unique combination with echinacea,...
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  • Oliviotic (Immune system)
    ''Natural antibiotic'' for the pharmacy...
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  • Mastic (Digestive system)
    Chios Mastic20 Effervescent tablets with delicious...
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  • Cranberry (Healthy Urinary)
  • Hydrolytes (Vitamins & Minerals)
    Hydrolytes20 Effervescent tablets with delicious lemon...
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  • VITAMIN С 1000мг (Vitamins & Minerals)
    Dietary supplement that is known for its beneficial...
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  • Magnesium (Vitamins & Minerals)
    Magnesium20 Effervescent tablets with delicious lemon...
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  • Energy Now! (Energy and tonus)
    Energy NowEffervescent tablets with natural ingredients...
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  • Mens-X NOW (Men’s Health)
  • Mens – X Complex (Men's health)
    Mens-X ComplexMens-X complex is a food supplement that...
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