Tuna fish

TRATA tuna is produced only from tuna of exquisite quality, the yellow fin (Thonnus albacares), that has a rich taste, in combination with its light-coloured and fresh meat. TRATA tuna has a full texture that does not crumble at every morsel.

Tuna in olive oil, 1 х 160g485201340003040
Tuna in olive oil, 3 х 160g165201340025608
Tuna in brine, 1 х 160g485201340003033
Tuna in brine, 3 х 160g165201340025615
Tuna in vegetable oil, 1 х 160g485201340003019
Tuna in vegetable oil, 3 х 160g165201340025592
Tuna in Mediterranean salad, 1 х 160g485201340003101
Tuna in Mediterranean salad, 3 х 160 165201340025639
Tuna in Mexican salad, 1 х 160g485201340003064
Tuna in Mexican salad, 3 х 160g165201340025622
Tuna in Corn salad, 1 х 160g485201340003477
Tuna in Corn salad, 3 х 160g165201340025646
Smoked tuna, 1 x 160g365201340025103
Smoked tuna in lemon, 1 x 160g365201340025356