Wet wipes for KIDS - UNI WOGI

Toilet and hygienic training is an important transition period in the life of your still diapered child. The series of wet wipes Uni WOGI is especially developed to offer the kids a fun time with creative parenting strategies and to inspire them to practice good hygienic habits when you are not able to watch them. Colourful box and paper size are custom-designed to attract little hands and encourage your child for self-cleaning while making the time spent at the toilette or elsewhere great fun. Its soft tissue and special formulation is gentle to skin. Dermatologically tested. Do not contain alcohol. Uni WOGI Creative Hygiene Training Series motivate kids for their own personal Hygiene in a funny, easy and practical way.

WC toilet wet wipes for KIDS - UNI WOGI TOILET made of special non-woven material, biodegradable – 60 pcs.7/288692190001299
Wet wipes for KIDS - UNI WOGI CLEAN made of soft non-woven material – facilitate your kids’ first steps in their own personal hygiene – 70 pcs.7/288692190006362